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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment term?

Haulla’s standard payment term is 30 days after the serviced month.

Do haulers have to pay for the technology?

All technology provided by Haulla is free of charge.

How does Haulla handle complaints and disputes?

Following standard protocol, any conflict between the customer and hauler is to be communicated to the Haulla team. We will take into account all given evidence to reach a resolution.

Can haulers contact customers directly?

Generally, all communication is facilitated by Haulla. If there are exceptional cases, we ask haulers to immediately relay the situation to Haulla team after contacting a customer.

How long can we keep the customers?

Haulla will conduct a customer survey every 3 months. Based on the feedback given about the hauler service, we will decide whether to continue or discontinue the service.

Are dumpsters provided?

Haulla purchases and provides dumpsters to the customers.


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